Refugee Stories – Daniel, 28 from Ghana

Daniel. 28 year old refugee from Ghana.

Daniel is a Ghanaian refugee who resides in the Moria camp on the Island of Lesbos. He is 28 years old and has a wife and three children all of whom currently live in Ghana where he is unable to return to as he is a wanted convict there. After leaving Ghana, Daniel worked as a tailor in Togo for just under a year before making his way to Greece through Turkey in search of better economic opportunities to support his family back in Ghana.

After being at the camp in Moira for almost 16 months under very unpleasant living conditions and frequent violent outbreaks with little prospects of receiving residency or working permits and a very slim chance of finding work in Greece even if he does obtain his permits, the realistic options at this stage for Daniel are to either try to travel into Europe illegally or to return to Togo with where he can at least continue to work. Both options seem preferable to Daniel at this stage than his current situation.

Daniel would ideally like to travel to Spain where he has some family and a few friends and he would like to learn the language if he had some hope that this option could one day be a reality for him.


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