Refugee Stories – Amir, 18, from Afghanistan

Amir, 18, Khora Refugee Community Centre. By Sona Circle App team.

“It’s a hard life”

These are the words of Amir, an 18 year old refugee from Afghanistan currently living in Athens. He was displaced from his home country of Afghanistan two years ago at the tender age of 16 along with his brother. Amir travelled through Turkey to the Island of Chios in Greece where he was imprisoned for 6 months and was unable to be with his mother, sister and two brothers who had also just arrived in Greece. This is his story.

As a vulnerable youth going through an emotionally traumatic experience, Amir resorted to self harm in Afghanistan when his father passed and again in Chios where he was arrested and imprisoned.

“..because I don’t want to leave my family”

Amir is now reunited with his family in Athens but the scars on his arm remain. Amir is an aspiring lawyer and would like the opportunity to study English and law and to work to support his mother however due to language barriers, lack of funds and other restrictions he has been unable to pursue his dreams.

Sona Circle App is working to establish a community eco-system which will connect refugees with employers, educational resources, language and skills development, information from aid organisations and most importantly… with each other!

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Amir’s full video on the Sona Circle YouTube channel.

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