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Listed below are a number of (European based) services that are available to refugees. Click on the link for further information about these resources. Sona Circle is not responsible for the content of other websites.

The Rights in Exile Programme

The Rights of Refugees Programme aims to protect and promote the legal rights of refugees worldwide. They act as a central source of legal aid and online information for refugees globally.



European Network of Information Centres in the European Region and National Academic Recognition Information Centres in the European Union (ENIC-NARIC) is a network of information centres across Europe which works to improve academic recognition of foreign degrees and qualifications. Their website provides information on qualification recognition for refugees.



ERASMUS+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) courses for refugees is an EU programme which supports education and training opportunities throughout Europe. They are currently offering online language courses (available in most European languages) to 100,000 refugees free of charge.


Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is a leading German telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn and operating several subsidiaries worldwide. They are currently offering refugees and asylum seekers training and internship opportunities.



Higher and Further Education opportunities and perspectives for Syrians (HOPES) is an EU funded project providing a range of educational offers, academic counselling, language courses and academic scholarships to Syrian refugees.



Organisation for refuge, asylum and migration (ORAM) work collaboratively with governments of refugee-receiving and transit countries and community organisations to work with and protect exceptionally vulnerable refugees. Resources and information for refugees is available on their website.



EURAXESS – Sciences4Refugees Initiative (European Commission) connects refugees with a scientific background to suitable employment positions in research institutions and universities.


AMERA International

AMERA International supports refugees to find pro bono legal aid on issues such as resettlement and family reunification in countries where such services are scarce.


UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR is a global organisation which protects the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced communities. In addition to providing emergency assistance, they support refugees integrate into new settlements. Information for refugees in the UK can be found on their website:


Doctors of the World (DoW)

DoW is an international human rights organisation working in 80 countries to provide emergency and sustainable healthcare to vulnerable people including refugees. Details for accessing one of their UK based clinics can be found on DoW UK site.


Office for Refugee Resettlement

The Office of Refugee Resettlement – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (ORR), assists refugees in locating resources to help them integrate into new settlements in America. Their website includes a state programs directory where important contacts and services in different states can be found.


Settlement Services International (SSI)

SSI’s Humanitarian Settlement Program helps refugees to integrate into new communities in Australia by offering a range of support services, such as employment preparation and meeting refugee health needs.


Meena Centre

The Meena Centre- which officially opens in early 2018 in Birmingham (UK), focusses on the women and children in the refugee crisis. Meena aims to provide support and solutions to issues faced by asylum seekers and refugees in order to help them settle into the UK. They work to link asylum seekers and refugees to local support networks and services, such as those providing professional legal advice or psychological support.


Migrant Help UK

Migrant Help is a national charity offering advice and support to vulnerable migrants across the UK. They provide a number of services, such as refugee resettlement where they support individuals and families as they go through the process of settling into their new communities. They also assist them in accessing healthcare, education and employment opportunities. Migrant Help can also refer those struggling to deal with their traumatic experiences to the right specialist services.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Portal

The Mental Health and Wellbeing portal for Refugees and Asylum Seekers acts as a fist stop resource providing access to information and resources such as mental health advice. It is acknowledged that not all refugees may have physical access to health centres therefore, this online portal can be a vital source of available information and support for them.



Student Action for Refugees (STAR) is a national charity made up of 27 000 students over 42 groups at universities across the UK. They work to raise awareness of the refugee crisis and call for equal access to higher education. On their website, STAR provide a list of universities in the UK offering financial support for refugee applicants and asylum seekers:


Starbucks UK

As part of their commitment to support refugees into employment, Starbucks aim to hire 2,500 refugees to work in their coffee shops in Europe and 10,000 refugees globally by 2022. Working in partnership with The Refugee Council (UK), Starbucks have created an employment support programme for refugees, to help them train for Barista roles within their coffee shops across London.


Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers (BB) is a charity which recognises the invaluable role businesses can play in helping refugees secure employment by offering work experience opportunities. They aim to help refugees in London gain knowledge, confidence and work experience to secure employment. BB run an Employment Academy programme where they can help refugees gain suitable work experience placements with employers in London. Alongside the programme, they offer confidence building, cultural understanding and skills based training.


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