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The Problem…

In 2015, we witnessed the worst forcible displacement of people since World War II. Four million Syrian people were displaced due to conflict in the region as were an increasing number from Africa as the use violence afflicted the nations of Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than three million people have arrived in Europe fleeing violence and persecution. The ineffectual and tepid response of the majority of European states has meant that refugees face two significant issues:

 -Securing employment opportunities

-Locating support services.

The Solution

Since December 2016, members of the Sona Circle team have visited refugee camps and refugee community centres in Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, France and the UK. After having consulted with refugee agencies, NGO’s, employers and directly with refugees themselves, we arrived at the conclusion that it would take an integrated network of public and private organisations as well as global refugee support agencies, to provide a viable solution to the significant issues faced by the refugee community.

Our Response

In response to this we created the Sona Circle App, which is a networking and recruitment platform enabling refugees around the world to locate jobs and support services. We also launched the #SONA100 campaign, which is an initiative to create new opportunities for refugees in major cities across Europe. We have partnered with over 30 refugee related aid organisations, established an extensive network of both public and private sector employers and created Sona Translate (www.SonaTranslate.com), the world’s first translation services agency operated exclusively by refugees.

Meet Our Team

Every member of the Sona Circle team is passionate about working towards delivering a solution to the global refugee crisis.

Archibald Troko, Project Manager – UK

Archibald Troko is in charge of design and social media at Sona Circle. A talented designer, Archibald has held senior positions at Apple, Thomson Reuters, Experian and Informa. In early 2013, Archibald set up a visual communications collective, Augment Design Collective, in order to work on special projects, with an association of researchers, developers and creatives to establish new and exciting digital and print products for businesses.

Archibald brings a wealth of experience, an extraordinary passion for details, and a large network of some of the finest Artisans spanning four Continents to Sona Circle. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Music and a Masters in Interactive Multimedia.

David Cregan, Project Manager – Germany

David has over 15 years’ experience working in the IT & E-learning industries covering Sales, Teaching, Customer Service & Project Management.  Recently, he has moved to Cologne, Germany from Dublin, Ireland where he is a part-time relaxation therapist, he is actively involved in volunteering in the community and manages development projects in Kenya & Greece.

His educational background includes a Diploma in Business Management as well as being certified in Public Speaking, Social Care, French, Excel & Reiki Relaxation Therapy.

David is passionate about equality and believes we need more people based social enterprises like Sona Circle that allow individuals to take their own decisions about the future.

Michael McKay, Strategic Development

Michael focuses on strategic business development at Sona Circle where he brings expertise within social enterprise, international strategy, education and employability.

Michael is a strategic developer, advisor and consultant to a wide range of organisations where he partners with senior executives at community groups, start-ups and international businesses. Most recently, his background includes leading global strategic development at QS, a world leader in education, and as an Observer to its Global Board of Directors. Prior to this he worked in major corporations, within management consultancy and freelance roles.

His community involvement includes acting on the advisory committee for a high impact youth charity, as a co-founder of an international social development organization and as a Global Committee Member at the Houses of Parliament and the City of the London. He is a frequent global traveler, has represented multiple organisations at an international level and has contributed to international publications including the Financial Times and The Sunday Times.

Michael holds an MBA with Distinction under full scholarship from Aston Business School with further business education from Harvard and Copenhagen Business School. He was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts and is a 150 Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Rumana Begum, Social and Community services

Rumana has an educational background in Psychology- specifically in psychological disorders and neuropsychology. Rumana focuses on the social and community aspects at Sona Circle. Having worked for Public Health England and a Safeguarding Children Board, she has experience and knowledge of identifying and meeting the needs of vulnerable groups and local communities.

Having worked directly with different ethnic groups, Rumana has experience and understanding of different cultures and has facilitated communications between communities and local authorities.   

Rumana has a personal interest in international development and passionately believes in empowering people to create their own opportunities.  She has voluntarily worked on development projects designing biogas generators for a developing village in India and a construction project in Malaysia.


Waqas Baggia, Strategy Advisor

Waqas is a business development professional with experience in a diverse range of industries. His key areas of expertise are business development, strategy, branding and account management. He has a strong background in business development and marketing and has the experience of working internationally in significantly diverse cultures.

Waqas is currently a partner as BSP Capital. He has previously worked as a brand strategy consultant at Xetabyte as well as a Director at the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada. He graduated with a BSc in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from York University and he also has an MBA in Strategy from the University of Wolverhampton.

Kirit Vaidya, Mentor

Kirit Vaidya, FRSA, is Fulltime MBA Programme Director at Aston Business School, researcher and an independent consultant. His research and consultancy are in the areas of: (a) rural labour markets and employment oriented programmes, and (b) emerging economy industrialisation and business strategies. He has participated in project and programme design of transport sector and employment generation programmes and advised in some 25 countries for international and national development and aid organisations (including ILO, ADB, CARE, DANIDA, DFID, EU, SIDA, NORAD, UNDP, UNIDO and the World Bank). Related to this work Kirit has produced guides and reports on conducting labour market studies and employment impacts of infrastructure investment.
Related to the work on employment programmes, he is deeply committed to initiatives to improving poor livelihoods and social protection in developing countries, including for displaced persons. Recent studies on the impact of Syrian refugees on labour markets in Jordan and Lebanon and employment programmes to support refugees and the host populations highlights the need for novel approaches for supporting and empowering distressed refugees and host communities.

Alero Okorodudu, Strategy Advisor

Alero is a high performing professional with experience of working with public officials and industry leaders in Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.  She has played an integral role working with the executive team at Mara Group. Prior to this, Alero worked in research at the Kofi Annan Foundation and also at the Executive Office of the Africa Progress Panel which was set up following the G8 summit in 2015.

Alero has a degree in International Relations and Affairs from the University of America in Washington D.C and a Masters in Development Economics and International Development form the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.

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