A Poem…

This is a wave that’s washed ashore
As a wave of people gather round
A wave that’s spreading through the masses
A wave that connects without a sound

Waves that move underwater
In the air and underground
A wave of people who were lost
And displaced that are now found

This is a circle that builds trust
The hope that makes life so profound
A wave that breaks the chains of helplessness
In which millions were once bound

Exposed to all the elements
In a camp on foreign soil
Through the rain, snow and burning sun
One is daily forced to toil

Removed from home, family and society
Into extreme uncertainty we recoil
Due to famine and disasters
And Wars over ideology and oil

And so we choose to create networks
Through the smartphones that we tap
We find information and employment
Through the Sona Circle App

To be part of a society
And regain our sense of identity
In a group that inspires
Peace, progress and unity

adminA Poem…

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