Sona Circle

A  location-based networking and recruitment app. Empowering refugees to connect and collaborate within their local communities.

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Why Sona Circle?

There are currently 65 million ‘official’ refugees which is equivalent to the size of the UK. Only 134,000 of these 65 million people were resettled in 2015. Our aim is to build a sustainable and scalable social enterprise that restores the rights and dignity of 10 million refugees by 2022 by connecting them to employers and each other enabling them to share their skills and gain employment to support their livelihoods.

Our business model will help address the issues of education, labour force participation and social integration. By supporting the engagement of minority groups and restoring access to economic opportunities, we aim to reach millions of people seeking to improve their income and economic equality.

What it does….

Sona Circle unique set of features create a perfect platform for the professional community; as flexible business networking opportunities are often limited on other social platforms.

  • Location-Aware Networking

    Discover users, connect, collaborate and communicate with people in your community.

  • Professional Profile

    Make yourself more visible to your employers by completing your Sona Circle Profile

  • Forum

    Find Jobs discuss the latest news, share ideas and help other members of the community with your area of expertise.

  • Broadcasts

    Update your profile. Broadcast messages; advertise your skills to stand out in the crowd

  • Live Feed

    Be first to be updated with our live feed showcasing, updates, job opportunities and valuable information

  • Instant Messaging

    Stay connected with friends, create groups to see what’s going on around you.


Below is a small glimpse of the App.

What is #SONA100

#Sona100 is an initiative to create 100 new jobs for refugees in major cities. Our aim is to partner to major employers and local government agencies to create new jobs within their organisations for refugees.

Each job pledged will earn the organisation one of the one-hundred squares on the job grid on homepage for the city in which the job is being pledged.

Our objective is to encourage organisations to act in a more socially responsible manner by stepping forward to fight for the rights of human beings by creating jobs for refugees.

One job, one opportunity, one pledge is all it takes to make a difference in the life of one human being, one family, one community. Imagine what we can do with 100!

How it works


Join our initiative. Complete our pledge form and a member of our team will contact you to complete the next steps.


Sona Circle will match the job roles with the most suitable candidates from our network of refugees.


Following all checks,  you hire a refugee in the knowledge that you have transformed 1 life, 1 family and 1 community.

Available Now

Sona Circle is available now on the App Store and the Google Play Store

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